Enjoy browsing through our selection of amazing, highly scented jar candles and  grungy, primitive candles in delicious scents. In this collection you'll also find our popular battery operated candles in many styles, sizes and colors. Browse our selection of highly scented room sprays, and reed diffusers.  Our Jar candles are poured in Ohio and our grungy primitive candles are  handcrafted in Lancaster, PA. As you know, we offer our customers only the best and our candles are NO exception. We offer you only the BEST, highly scented,  clean, long burning jar candles Scents include our favorites such as orange spice, sage and citrus, pumpkin pie, apple bourbon, pancakes , butter maple syrup, hot apple pie and blueberry pancakes, just to name a few! If you prefer candle crumbs for your tart burner, we have many delicious scents for you to try! You will LOVE our candles and accessories!